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Account Management


If you have lost or forgotten the password for your CNC, FTP and SSH access, you can use this form to reset it. You must have access to your primary email address in order to make this change. If you do not have access to your Primary Email Address, please visit the Service Desk for assistance.

Step 1/2. Enter your Account Number, Primary Email Address, and the Domain Name for which you wish to change your password below:

★ == Required
Account Information


  • Your Account Number is a number that is shown in the subject line of your FutureQuest Invoices. It is a six digit number, though you can leave off the leading zeros.
  • Your Primary Email Address is the same email address that FutureQuest sends invoices to as well as Activation Letters.
  • This should be the Full Package Domain Name that requires a password change. You can't use an IRM/IRO domain.

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